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An early introduction of Mathematical concepts to young children is instrumental in building their confidence in Mathematics. Learning Mathematics can be fun and interesting. Let them start from young.


We’ve developed a set of interactive learning materials for preschoolers to learn the key Mathematical concepts that will be taught at Primary One.


Many other topics are available! If you do not see anything that you are looking for, PM us and we will advise you accordingly. Mixed and Matched to suit your child's learning!


We are using this set of handmade materials to teach our students and young children at our learning centre too. They have found joy and satisfaction when completing the activities in the set. They learn better and so much faster, as compared to just doing regular assessment books. Your children’s future depends on your action today!


How to use the materials:

-The set comes with answer tags pasted with velcro.

-Children find the answer tag from the next page and stick it onto the blank space.


Item Description:

High quality printing, laminate and velcro.

Total 6 pages include the front cover.



Interactive Maths - Division

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