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Enrichment Programs: Our Programs

Enrichment Programmes


Kindergrowth offers a range of enriching programmes designed to enhance children's learning experiences. Among these programs are the highly regarded Superbrain programme, which focuses on boosting cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills. Additionally, we provide tuition classes to support academic progress and provide personalized attention in core subjects. Our enrichment programs are thoughtfully designed to complement the school curriculum and provide additional opportunities for growth.


With the Superbrain programme, children can develop advanced thinking skills and enhance their overall cognitive capabilities. Our tuition classes offer targeted support and guidance, ensuring that children receive the necessary assistance in specific subjects. At Kindergrowth, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically and possess essential life skills. Join us and unlock your child's full potential through our comprehensive enrichment programs.

Kids Playing with Balloons


Suitable for 6 years old & above

Special Program to enhance children's cognitive abilities using Patented Brain Technology that is unlike anything you seen before. We uses this technology to activate the hidden potential of the child's brain, unlock the laser-sharp focus, super memory, out-of-box thinking and enhance learning ability.  


GEP Intensive Screening Workshop

Suitable for 7 years  old & 10

Helps learners to acclimatize to technical and complex GEP Screening Test. Developed and conducted by a Gifted Programme Curriculum Developer and teacher at one of the leading private education institutions.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

KinderJunior Programmes

Suitable for 4 years old  & above

Literacy and concept thru the proven multi-sensory synthetic method to engage and simulates interest.  These programmes aim to develop fun learning and observation skills. 

Student Writing


Suitable for 7 years old  to 16  years

KG is a MOE Registered Learning Centre with lessons conducted by Ex-MOE & MOE Registered Teachers.  Following MOE Primary and Secondary examinable syllabus for English, Chinese, Maths & Science 

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