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Featuring Maths Heuristics - Algebra
2 sub-topics: Algebra comparison, Unfamiliar questions
With 9 practice questions

Length of video approximately 20mins


  • Tips on identifying the type of methods to use to solve different types of problem sums; Diagram/Model, Guess & Check, Supposition, Patterns, Before & After, Simplifying
  • Detailed explanations on the steps for each type of methods
  • Animations are used to explain clearly each steps in the methods
  • Past-year PSLE questions 




Maths Heuristics Algebra (Advance Maths)

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$13.93Sale Price
  • Important note:

    This product is for own usage and is not free for distribution. 

  • *Disclaimer: PSLE questions adapted in this video is only for reference purposes.  Kinder Growth do not own the rights to these questions.

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